A Crisp Fall Morning Moment

fall morningThis morning is the most beautiful, crisp fall morning that I have seen here in recent memory. The sky is is blue, blue, blue. While most of the trees continue to be green throughout the year, I noticed traces of fall color.  And the view to the Saddleback Mountains from my home office window is crystal clear.

I am preparing for a day of laying foundations for upcoming meetings and presentations. My companion this morning is ‘Thé des Esprits,” a sample courtesy of my friends at American Tea Room (who have launched a new website I hear).  Gene says this blend smells like an orange creamsicle, and I have to agree. A black tea blend, it has so many of the elements I associate with this time of year: apples, almonds, cinnamon and vanilla.

So, with a full cup and a sense of purpose that can only be induced by the realization that I only have 16 hours in which to cram a 30-hour work week, I wish everyone a happy November Tuesday.


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