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A Mother’s Day Moment

What better way to spend Mother’s Day than with my dreamy husband and sweetest daughter at a First Ever service of High Tea at American Tea Room. Edie was on her best behavior for most of the time, and I got to enjoy my favorite people and favorite pastime all in one exceptional spot.

David and Valerie hard at work

David and Randy, the owners of ATR, greeted us fondly and we were shown to our table. We were also introduced to one of my new favorite people, Valerie Gordon, the artisanal confectioner preparing all the sweets and treats to accompany the glorious selection of teas.

High Tea started off with a most beautiful Amuse of the most delicate and decadent chocolate filled with a lovely cream filling. It was accompanied by Bao Zhong Royale, an Oolong with just the lightest hints of jasmine and narcissus. Edie dove headfirst into both, and I couldn’t blame her. Delicious!

And now came the potentially difficult decision of tea. A hand-picked selection was offered on a tea menu, but David came to my rescue – knowing my love of black teas – suggesting a new arrival not listed on the High Tea menu: Ruby Black. The history of this lovely Assam is the stuff of novels, but let me pique your interest by saying that this tea has been in production for less than 3 year and can only be found in the U.S. at our own American Tea Room. David, you know me too well…

Next, we were served Creme Fraiche Scones with the largest pat of real butter I’ve ever seen, and a mouth-watering selection of strawberry-creme fraiche jam, strawberry rhubarb jam, and a marmalade. I loved how the scones were a little bigger than an Oreo, light, fluffy, warm, and manageable. There was no worrying about whether or not to cut off chunks – just the luxury of slathering the whole thing in butter and jam-of-choice and nibbling away.

The tea sandwiches were next – a selection of three per person.  Curried Chicken with Muscat Grapes; Breakfast Radish, Butter and Lemon Confit; Crab Salad with mint and Lime.  All open-faced, all designed to be consumed in two or three heavenly bites. The Curried Chicken came out the crowd favorite – I even heard one patron request additional Curried Chicken sandwiches because they simply couldn’t get enough!

And last, but definitely not least, the sweets. Oh, Valerie. You are a Master of your Craft.  An Earl Grey Petit Four; a Lemon Curd and Creme Fraiche Tartlet; Matcha Shortbread Cookies; and the most divine chocolates I have ever tasted. Gene and I tried to name our favorite of the assortment, but we just couldn’t. The petit four had a simple sweetness with that gentle bergamot (and perhaps lavender) of the Earl Grey, but the tartlet had everything that is best about a lemon meringue pie without the meringue.  And the chocolates… Well, they are just a category on their own that can’t be compared. Toffee squares coated in chocolate, topped with either an almond or what appeared to be some kind of rock salt. The toffee was not the kind that you will be excavating from your teeth for years to come, oh no. This is real, buttery, nearly melting in your mouth toffee like nothing I’ve ever had before. And caramels. I love caramels. I didn’t know how much I loved caramels until I tasted these.  The liquid caramel is lovingly hidden in dark chocolate domes. I suddenly realized I had never really had caramels before.

Thank you to American Tea Room and to Valerie Confections for providing such a lovely opportunity for me and my family to enjoy tea together is such a setting. And thank you to my husband and daughter for making my Mother’s Day quite a special moment. While the High Tea was incredible, sharing it with my family was priceless.

Enjoy High Tea at American Tea Room
Saturdays and Sundays
401 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Reservations strongly recommended
310.271.7922 or  tea@americantearoom.com



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A Highly Anticipated Moment

It is no secret that I have been having a very public love affair with American Tea Room for quite some time. They know me. They “get” me. And they have some of the most lovely teas you can get your hands on.

And so it was with great delight I discovered that ATR will soon be serving high tea on Saturdays and Sundays beginning on Mother’s Day. May 9th – Mark your calendars and remember to call your Mom that day. Better yet, make your reservation now and take her to this Highly Anticipated Moment!

I’ll see you there!

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A Las Vegas Tee Moment

How many years has it been since Gene and I have visited Las Vegas for fun? No conferences, no trade shows, no boxes to unpack or meetings to snooze through? More than 5. More than 7, perhaps. In any case, off we went with no obligations or responsibilities. Edie had the pleasure of staying with my folks, so we were footloose and fancy-free.

As 30-somethings in town, we explored a different side of Vegas. Actually, we explored the daylight hours and activities and found we liked it very much! And we satisfied both of our desires for tea/tee.

Tee Time at Bear’s Best Las Vegas allowed us to experience Jack Nicklaus’ design – he built the course by selecting his favorite 18 holes from his more than 270 course designs worldwide. We were paired up with a local, who ended up being the best tour guide and golf partner you could ever ask for. Company: perfect. Weather: beautiful. A delightful blend of sun, sagebrush, sport and success (well, for Gene. My game was not so fabulous, but fun all the same).

Tee Time

Tee Time

Tea Time at the Bellagio’s Petrossian Bar, the next day, was a product of my desire to try (and fail) to make reservations in time during any of my last 3 Vegas visits (reservations must be made 24 hours in advance). This was Gene’s first time in accompanying me to tea, so I’m considering it an early Mother’s Day gift.  Tea at the Bellagio seems like it should be so romantic! Okay, maybe Ocean’s 11 has a little something to do with that.  After a bit of a rocky start with the hostess asking if we were there for “high tea” (ultra faux pas!!!), we were seated and our orders were taken. Tea was served on a 3-tiered tray: mini scones on top, an array of chocolate sweets in the middle, and tea sandwiches below. I liked being able to order the tea sandwiches of my choice (4 each).  While the tea selection was extremely limited, the Darjeeling and English Breakfast we ordered was served loose leaf in each pot. The bar itself is a strange situation – half enclosed and half with shuttered windows overlooking the casino floor. Tea is served in the half overlooking the casino, unfortunately, so I can’t give it high marks for atmosphere. But…

Vegas Tea

Tea Time

Company: perfect. Service: very good. A lovely combination of sweets, savories, schooling and smiles. What can I say? Vegas, baby. Vegas.

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