An Unsettling ‘Fider’ Moment

Southern California fall days mean it’s time to be on the look out for large spider webs, and of course their architects. One strand of these spider webs can almost feel like sticky fishing line – it’s that strong.

I came home from an errand yesterday to find my whole family in the back yard looking up.

“Mom!” Edie yelled, jumping up and down. “Look! A big fider! A HUGE fider!”

A huge spider indeed. Big and fat and black with red bands around its legs.

“Ewwwwww! Yucky yuck!” Edie yelled, hopping around underneath the giant web that was nearly as tall as she is.

The web has been constructed between the patio cover and a fence post, about 5 1/2 feet in the air, with enough clearance underneath for a dog or a two year old to pass under without incident.

I had hoped that with the deluge of rain we heard last night, it would, “wash the spider out!” as the song says. But alas. Since this is no “Itsy, bitsy spider,” the web and its occupant steadfastly remain. The raindrops cling most beautifully to the silken strands, but no damage has been done. Drat.

What to do? It must go. But how will it be dispensed with? What a squish it would make. Gags me even to think about it. Does anyone have a BB gun?

However, it is still not as bad as the early Halloween visitor that visited my cousin’s home recently in the Northern end of this state. At least this spider does not have fur!

In any case, time for some tea. Indoors. Edie and I will have to content ourselves with yelling from our back door, “Go ‘way, Fider!”

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9 responses to “An Unsettling ‘Fider’ Moment

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  2. A.H.

    How big was it?
    Is it there yet?
    Did you take the picture through the window glass?
    And wich tea did you drink after the shock?
    As you can see, I’m very curious!

    • Jen

      Its body could fit comfortably in a teaspoon.
      We spotted it again in the little palm tree next to my roses.
      I took the picture about 2 feet away from his enormous web.
      And then I went in and had a strong cup of Milk Oolong!
      That spider needs to depart from here! 🙂

  3. Debby Peterson

    If it is a garden spider, it’s a GOOD spider. They don’t want to be indoors and they catch lots and lots of truly icky insects. I vote for keeping it, if and only if, it is a garden spider.

    • Jen

      It may be a GOOD spider, but it’s a HUGE spider and therefore I wish it to leave – and quickly! And I’m glad to hear he doesn’t want to be indoors, because that woud truly be crossing the line! 🙂 I think he should enjoy the outdoor property next door.

  4. ew – red bands on the legs?!?! That puts it over the top for me, fur or not!

    • Jen

      Gene finally slayed this wily beast yesterday. So gross. It dies with a very satisfying SQUISH that made us both do a little heebie-jeebie dance.

  5. Meg

    Wow. Ok your spider problem beats my spider problem. If I found one that big, I’d have the exterminator out there so quickly. Chemicals or no chemicals, that thing wouldn’t last long in my yard. Of course I’d have to get someone else to deal with it….good luck!

    • Jen

      Thanks! Gene is the mighty killer. That stupid spider moved and renovated its home 3 times in our little yard. But, ding-dong that witch is DEAD!

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