A Quiet, On-The-Road Moment

The theme of this summer is: Business Travel. From my calculations, I have been in a plane at least once a week since the third week of June. Finding myself in Las Vegas again for an early morning panel discussion, I banished all thoughts of going out for a nice dinner the night before or finally experiencing a performance of Cirque  de Soleil. Instead, I decided it was time to just breathe. I enjoyed a long bath in a giant bathtub. I toyed with the idea of watching the tv that was installed in the bathroom, but then realized that wouldn’t help me achieve my goal of doing absolutely nothing.

 Having succeeded in that pursuit, I then lounged in the white bathrobe provided by the Wynn Resort, and read magazines and occasionally experimented with the remote controlled sheers and curtains that covered the wall-o’-window that made up a good portion of my room’s structure – all from the comfort of my bed.

I haven’t been sleeping well on the road, which is unusual. I chalk it up to being a mommy now, always wondering what my Edie is doing at that exact moment, does she miss me, did I remember to do enough of her laundry (as though Gene has never been introduced to a washing machine before).

Oh, the thoughts that run through my mind. “We probably need more eggs at home. I wonder if Edie still likes yogurt. Why is she so terrified of public potties? That lady in the airport bathroom yesterday looked like she had a little too much fun in Vegas. How many times have I been in Vegas this year? Why can’t you get from Orange County to Las Vegas before  9 a.m.? I used to be able to sleep in until way after 9 a.m. What was the name of my high school teacher who used to fall asleep in the classroom? An English teacher. Mrs. Reed. Though, if her name had been Mrs. Read, it would have been funnier. Or was it Reid? Or Ried?” And so, as the sun rises on Sin City, I pull my thoughts together and do the 2 things that I know will get me in the proper frame of mind for my upcoming presentation: I play with the remote controlled sheers and curtains some more.

And I order a pot of tea.

Ah… Harney and Sons English Breakfast. Well served.



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7 responses to “A Quiet, On-The-Road Moment

  1. I just love your posts 🙂 Makes me want to go brew a cup myself 🙂 And your random thoughts….haha you crack me up Jen…xo

    • Jen

      Thanks Michellee! I think my sister-in -law said it best – something to the effect of, “My mind – it’s a dangerous place to live!” 🙂

  2. A.H.

    The next time you take your family……… and at the evening, after work, you let yourself be pampered by them!
    (I’d like to know wich tea you ordered…. and if it was good….. tea in hotels…. for me it was often a horror)

    • Jen

      That’s an excellent idea!
      As for the tea provided by the Wynn Resort, it was Tea Forte English Breakfast Tea, which was rather impressive. I enjoyed it very much. Even though it was a bagged tea, it tasted comparatively like loose leaf.

  3. Meg

    I stayed at the Wynn recently and it was lovely and relaxing!!! I too played with remote controled curtains. Ah….Mrs. Reed…..the memories……. 😉 Glad you were able to relax. Those soothing curtains do the trick!

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