An Imperial Beauty Moment

I am the mother of a 2-year old girl.

She is changing so fast, now. Jumping, running, talking, sleeping in a big girl bed! I guess every parent marvels at the very fact of their child. I certainly do. Every new facial expression is so clever, every new word a sure sign of genius. And as she changes, so do I. The fierce, desperate anxiety to keep her safe and alive at all costs, is mellowing slightly to a fierce protectiveness to ensure she gets what I believe is best for her and that nobody messes with her. Nobody.

She has her nicknames, like any child. And like many parents, we can’t help but refer to our little girl as our “Princess.” And it is during this moment of reflection and quiet gratitude that I, appropriately, am enjoying a most elegant and regal oolong.

Imperial Beauty. The honey-caramel tones of its liquid are re-emphasized by the light honey-caramel aroma.  A pleasantly sweet candy and floral fragrance – but not too sweet.  The first sip is rewarded with a more rich and substantial oolong that really does feel like an Imperial luxury.

I’m noticing that oolongs, and in particular, Naivetea oolongs, are becoming my companions in moments of relaxation, reflection, and peaceful solitude. Is it the touch of floral fragrance that puts me in mind of a peaceful garden? The satisfying yet mild taste and substance that makes its presence known but is not imposing?  I think Lawrence Lai, of Naivetea, put it best when he explained that oolongs are such a “friendly tea.”

As I finish this lovely cup and count my blessings, I smile at the thought that this mother of a little “Princess” can’t wait to share moments of Imperial Beauty together. And soon.



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6 responses to “An Imperial Beauty Moment

  1. Summer

    Love her!! She will continue to amaze you on so many levels, I am glad you have lots of teas to choose from for each of the years!! Love ya 🙂

  2. A.H.

    Lovely post!
    All the best wishes for your little Princess!

  3. Happy Birthday Edie! I remember having the same experience when Moses turned 2 – happily, I became less paranoid. Maybe because he was so much more self sufficient… it was nice! I’m sure the two of you will have many, many happy tea moments together.

    • Jen

      I’m looking forward to many more fun moments. Maybe the next time we’re in town we can convince Moses and Titus that tea time is fun for boys too! Or maybe they can just supply the mud pies. 🙂

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