A Falling-In-Love-With Milk Oolong Moment

As you may recall, I was first introduced to Milk Oolong about a month ago. I had been seeing Tweets about it for quite some time (thanks to @TeaBoat), but didn’t know what it was or what was so special about it.

David at American Tea Room provided the proper introduction: he brewed the perfect pot and shared the moment with Gene and me.  It was so surprising to taste this natural creaminess in a true oolong. Your mind wants to believe something has been added to the leaves, but it is a part of the hand processing of the leaves that create this exquisite taste.

Although I save it for special moments, or when I need to feel pampered, it’s more than worth the higher price for this rare tea. Fair warning – I must be clear: once you taste it, you just have to have more.

The thing is, I love everything about this tea. It starts off in these tiny little dark green, tightly rolled twists:

And then, when steeped, they unfurl into these beautiful, full dark blue-green leaves. (It kind of resembles spinach, if you squint at it just right!) A little goes a L-O-N-G way:

And the resulting cup of tea is this lovely, lightly fragrant, bright golden liquid that simply takes your breath away:

My Mom was here this week, keeping Edie and me company while Gene was traveling for work. I introduced Mom to this tea this morning, and she kept saying, “It’s just so interesting!”  And it is! These little nuances of flavor. There’s a light fragrance that is not too perfume-y and not overpowering. There’s that mysterious creaminess that seems contrary to the clear golden liquid you see with your own eyes. With each sip you discover something slightly different – so subtle that you can’t put your finger on it – but it just requires that you have another sip. And another. And another.

Here I am. A month later. Falling in love all over again with this delicious tea. Just as I have each time I reach for it in my tea cupboard.



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5 responses to “A Falling-In-Love-With Milk Oolong Moment

  1. A.H.

    Definitively I have to try this tea!
    Please give my regards to your mom!

  2. A.H.

    P.S.: fancy cup !!!

  3. Ooh – I am definitely going to have to try this. Possibly the perfect solution to lactose intolerance!

    • Jen

      I can’t believe I didn’t send you a sample of this yet! What was I thinking? This really may be a lovely solution for you when you’re craving a little cream in your tea!

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