A Saturday Tea and Sushi Moment

Saturday mornings have turned into my private getaway day. Gene takes on Edie, and I escape for a couple of hours to do any exotic thing I desire. This has typically meant that I sneak away to the library to check out 3 books, and then sit in the attached coffee house, The Neighborhood Cup, for a cup of tea or coffee and a bit of reading.

These days, however, I have had a strong hankering for sushi. The reason? I can’t explain. I’m originally from the Northwest United States. Sushi in that region is considered g-r-o-s-s amongst the majority of the population. But since our move to California 10 years ago and an abrupt introduction to it during one of my first annual review meetings with my boss (in which I was desperately trying to act mature and sophisticated), I have come to enjoy and even crave it.

So, on my Saturday mornings, I have become a regular at Kan Pai sushi. They bring me my beverage without even having to ask. They know I will always order a crunchy roll and a tuna or salmon roll. The waitress, who I suspect is also one of the owners, made the observation, “You’re always reading.” Yes. Yes, I am. I am escaping into someone else’s world, just for an hour or so, re-energizing so I can dive into the new week. And keeping me and my book company is always their pot of tea. A bagged oolong, it doesn’t matter really. Because a tea moment can often be about the moment itself. What is happening there, what is being discovered or soothed or mulled over. The quality of tea can be something special. But on these Saturday sushi and tea moments, the point of it all is to just be.



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7 responses to “A Saturday Tea and Sushi Moment

  1. I feel relaxed just reading your post! 🙂

    You’re right, a tea moment is about the moment itself – and no, it doesn’t matter whether you are drinking finest Pu-erh, or simple tea bags. It’s the quality of the time spent with your tea that counts; one of the many reasons we choose to drink tea.

    The photo is lovely, and the food looks great.

  2. mmm oolong and sushi, what a lovely pair. I need to follow in your foot steps next saturday. have you eer tried genmai cha with sushi?

  3. mmm oolong and sushi, what a lovely pair. I need to follow in your foot steps next saturday. have you ever tried genmai cha with sushi?

  4. Meg

    What a fabulous weekend routine! I so love some good alone time like that! I’m sure Gene and Edie have some great father-daughter adventures as well!

    • Jen

      Alone time is key! And yes, I think it’s good bonding time for them. I come home to lots of uproarious laughter. I’m pretty sure she thinks Gene is much funnier than me!

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