A New Tea Cupboard Moment

A Cupboard Full of Tea. Happy Thought.

It’s a New Year. All right, it’s a few weeks into a New Year, and my tea cupboard was calling. As new and exciting teas have been introduced to me, I had found myself lining them all up on the kitchen counter top to have them all within easy reach each morning. I found myself looking less and less often into my actual designated tea cupboard, and it was time to evaluate why.

I’ve preferred loose leaf tea to bagged tea for quite a number of years now, but laziness and ease had allowed for several boxes of bagged tea to sit amongst ‘the good stuff.’ What was lounging in the cupboard were those old tea bags – forlorn, forgotten and ultimately snubbed. And so, out with the old, in with the new. I purged, sorted, and reconfigured. I am tickled to no end to see how far I’ve come since beginning this tea blog last April, and also to see the myriad choices my tea cupboard now has to offer. I confess, I did keep a few stray bags of lemon infusion – something my husband and I both tend toward at night, during bad colds, but they have been relegated to an ‘other’ shelf.

So, what is your pleasure? A strong breakfast blend? A fabulous Darjeeling? A premium white blend? Milk oolong, perhaps, or an exotic blend with floral or subtle fruit notes? I can even find some interesting greens in there (yes, plural). Whatever strikes your fancy, or mine, I certainly have options. And not one stinker (my opinion) in the lot! I’m ready for this year. Bring it on!

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7 responses to “A New Tea Cupboard Moment

  1. A.H.

    This post is an inspiration for me!
    I’ll begin right now with my “tea-purging-operation”!

    …. Drinking now a strong Assam wirh cream and white rock sugar.

    (About Milk Oolong I’ve never heard before, sounds interesting)

  2. Meg

    I’m a fan of the Rooibos Blends myself! For Christmas I got a package of a Rooibos blend with vanilla bean…..I think I’ll go brew a pot right now… I’m hoping to learn about all sorts of new teas to try with your blog! And since I live in cold, grey, rainy Seattle, it’s always tea weather here!

    • Jen

      I’ve just discovered some VERY interesting Rooibos blends, myself! Will be sharing more about them soon. By the way, I’m waiting for Seattle to call and take their weather back. Definitely tea weather here this week.

  3. i just hope my cupboard will be as diverse as yours at the end of the year!

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