Monday Moment

Monday mornings when Gene is travelling feel like whirlwinds: Wake up to Edie singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (“Uppa-Bubba Whirl ah-Hi! UP pa-Bubba Whirl ah-Hi. Uppa Bubba…” over and over again – that’s her favorite part, also known as: Up above the world so high), take 30-second shower, fastest hair and makeup on earth, jeans, tee shirt, hurry downstairs with the dog so he can do his business, listen to Edie wail as she hears me go past her doorway without getting her first, going back up to get her, diapers, brush hair, get her dressed, downstairs for a sippy cup of milk, load up in the car, off to daycare, back home, quick breakfast, and then…


Time for staff meeting. Back upstairs to my cozy little office. Dial in. Log in. Good morning! How was your weekend? Sit back and sip – this morning: Puttabong from American Tea Room. Rich and earthy – hints of muscatel. No tea pot is big enough to satisfy my love of this one… American Tea Room – how did you know?

Monday Morning Magic

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8 responses to “Monday Moment

  1. Summer

    Ahhh… I am smiling so big right now as I vividly remember those days. I love the picture of the tea cup, so perfect!! I remember how great it was to get to the office and have that first cup of coffee and read through e-mails and get ready for the week!! Have a wonderful day!!

  2. Christy

    Rich, earthy tea……….yes please! I’ve decided to quit coffee for a bit and am switching to tea. Need suggestions.

  3. A.H.

    What a nice post!
    And what a lovely tea-for-one set you have!

    • Jen

      Thanks! That was actually one I painted myself at one of those pottery shops. Fun project despite my dreadful lack of artistic skill!

      • A.H.


        Have you tried east frisian blend tea? With white rock sugar and cream!
        Perfect for the morning (and in the afternoon with family and friends).
        That’s very typical in this region where I live, they have their own tea-ceremony.

      • Jen

        Sounds lovely! I’ll have to look for it and give it a try!

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