A Planning Moment

Fridays. I love them, and I love today especially. Lots of planning for an upcoming event. There’s the menu to plan, place settings to choose, teapots to select, orders to place. Lots of things, but fun things. And then there’s a tee time right in the middle.

Yunnan Golden Needle from American Tea Room is my companion this morning. A first for me, and I’m loving it. Perfect to start my day, and as TeaBoat said so well, “Isn’t it a nice cup of tea 2 have in the morning? You can drink it all day & be happy.”

I agree…



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4 responses to “A Planning Moment

  1. Dogs and cats are smart – snag the sun spots! I really am enjoying your blog

  2. Les

    I thought this was the most appropriate place to post given it’s Friday (eventhough I’m a week behind). I too am busily planning at the moment, only not for me, for clients. It DOES make the day go by fast though. Today I feel especially lucky to work in an office that is sufficiently stocked with tea in every one of our kitchens…3 in total. Let’s rewind for a second, the weather man told me it’d be a high of 78 today. Being the overzealous So. Cal girl that I am, it made adorning my favorite pair of flips flops the only choice, right? Wrong. My office feels like the inside of an igloo and I’m pretty sure my toes are numb. This isn’t a new development though. It’s always cold in here, hence why my UGG boots really should have been the obvious choice. And…scene. Enter from downstairs kitchen number 2, is a wide array of Bigelow teas. A different flavor for each hour in fact, that is, until I can feel my toes again. Happily enjoying a cup of Earl Grey as we speak. TGIF! LOVE your blog.

    • Jen

      Those office thermostats are tricky. Very tricky! Never mind about fashions that go from day to night. We need apparel that will go from outside 78 degrees to inside 59 degrees! Thank heavens for well stocked kitchens and a variety of tea. Now, we just have to introduce you to the pleasures of loose leaf tea! Your narrative had me in stitches – your commentaries are always hilarious! Thanks for commenting, and Happy Planning!

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