A Sun Valley Moment

Welcome to Sun Valley, Idaho

For the past 11 years, with only one or two exceptions, Gene and I have spent New Year’s at Sun Valley. It’s the place we got engaged, and it’s the quintessential celebration of the great Idaho outdoors. Just ask Arnold, Bruce, Demi or even Peter Cetera (not that I’ve ever rubbed shoulders with this particular set – though I did pet Mr. Cetera’s dog once, not realizing who was holding the leash).

In any case, it’s a place we appreciate a great deal. We especially appreciate all the activities available there: skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, sledding, sleigh rides, and more. Not that we’ve ever done many of these activities – but we appreciate their availability. And after a long day of passive appreciation, we always make our way to the Sun Valley Lodge’s Duchin Lounge for Apres-Ski (we tell ourselves we are there to appreciate those who have actually been participating in all the great outdoor activities).

We listen to the same folks every year – a solo pianist who can play anything and everything, and then the Paul Tillotson trio. It’s great fun to watch as the skiers, snowboarders, ice skaters, and the beautiful people filter into the lounge for a drink and some musical entertainment.

Though the menu can not have possibly changed much in the past several years, I guess I just never noticed this before:

Well of course I had to try it.  No, there are no actual blueberries used in this beverage that I can tell. The tea is Tazo Awake (a solid breakfast blend that I used to pack with me on business trips in case of tea emergencies). With the winter chill following new arrivals in the door, jazz floating around us, glasses clinking, and stories of the day’s adventures being shared between friends, this was the perfect accompanying drink: smooth, hints of blueberries and almonds, and lots of warm fuzzies.

While our brief stay in Sun Valley didn’t land on New Year’s this year, it was exactly what the doctor ordered. Should old acquaintance be forgot and all that, I can assure you Sun Valley will not fall into that category any time soon.

Cheers, and Happy New Year!



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6 responses to “A Sun Valley Moment

  1. Summer

    When do you find time to write a blog?? Hope all is well and look forward to seeing you this month!!!

  2. Linda Brown

    This was my favorite post! PS if I drank I would be all over that Faux-Blueberry Tea!

    • Jen

      I don’t know how they did it! Tasted like hot blueberries to me. But if you like blueberries, White Tiger (a white tea blend) from David’s Tea is to die for!

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