A Breeze from the Andes

Suitcases waiting to be packed. Conference calls to initiate. Laundry to start… and then fold… and then transport upstairs. Articles to write. The last of the Christmas cards to be dropped in the mail. And work. The last day of work.

The surprise packet in the mail. A gift. A reinvigorating blend. Andes Breeze. Even the name breathes life into my slowly waking mind and body. I inhale a zephyr of spearmint, chamomile (not too weedy), is that lemon? And what else… apples maybe.  Something sweet. The first sip.

This golden infusion delivers a new burst of energy. My eyes are open now. My senses enlivened. Cinnamon. A finish with just a hint of sweetness – but not sugary sweet. Freshly sweet.

I think you have something here, My Tea Shelf. And I thank you!


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Filed under Tea, Tea Blending

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