A Tea-Rum-Pa-Pum-Pum Moment

A Pirate's Life For Me

A new chapter has begun in our familial saga! Yesterday, the K family came over for drinks and appetizers. Their son is about a year older than 19-month-old Edie. And for the first time in our collective experience as parents, we were able to sit together as grown-ups while the kids played together in the next room! We caught each other several times throughout the visit staring in amazement at the situation. Kids playing without a hovering ‘on-duty’ parent to ensure that they don’t injure themselves or others. Magical.

And in the course of this very enjoyable evening of uninterrupted conversation, Gene and the K’s were willing test subjects for my experiment with tea and spiced rum. The results were delightful and just in time for the holidays. Starting with a strong black tea blend (in this case, Notting Hill from American Tea Room), I added a shot of spiced rum (a little Captain), and a twist of lemon. A quick stir, and voila! A warm concoction to warm your heart and your belly.

This new development of being able to entertain without the sole focus of placating babies is opening a world of opportunities for the new year. Christmas came early this year!



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5 responses to “A Tea-Rum-Pa-Pum-Pum Moment

  1. Oh, I remember that! What a great time! Love the sound of your rum papa pum!

  2. Jennifer

    Okaaay, now I must try the Captain with tea rather than just with Dr. Pepper. 😉 I bought about 5 boxes of different Tazo (is this brand even worthy?) blends about 4 months ago because of your ‘tastefully’ descriptive tea blogs; I just haven’t been able to pack the coffee pot away quiiiiiite yet! But. I. Must. Try. 🙂

    • Jen

      Tazo is definitely a great start when delving into the world of tea. Tazo’s Awake blend has accompanied me on several business trips when I was having a tea-mergency. We’ll just have to immerse you in some loose leaf teas and see what you think. A little Captain certainly doesn’t hurt. 😉

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