A Skyline Pigeon Moment

I had the extraordinary privilege of attending an Elton John concert in Boise Idaho in the mid-90’s. A now-in-law was able to secure several tickets and I was happy to go. I had always liked Elton John in an appreciative way. The same way I appreciated Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles or U2. You just know their music has a life of its own and has been woven into the fabric of society for all time.

The beauty of this particular concert was that it was just Elton John and a piano. That’s it. No band, no backup singers, no nothin’.  And he sang. For over 2 hours he sang! As he sang song after song, I became even more aware of the breadth and depth of his legacy. And when he finally sang his last encore, I, and the thousands of neighbors around me, made it known we could have listened for 2 hours more.

One song in particular struck me. It was a song I had never heard before, and yet at that moment in my life it resonated with me in a very visceral way. Skyline Pigeon. The name of the song was a little less than romantic or sophisticated, but the lyrics and the soaring notes spoke to me. As my college graduation approached, life was just beginning in many ways. I had so many dreams, so many hopes. I didn’t know where life was going to take me, and I wished with all my being that I would never reach the point of this song, of this ‘Skyline pigeon, dreaming of the open, waiting for the day when he could spread his wings and fly away again.” I didn’t want to have a life of obligation and regret.

Thankfully, I’ve been blessed with a life that has allowed me to soar, to experience travel and leisure, hard work and reward, love and loss, true friends and close family. There have been the, ‘what if’ moments, but they have been rare and fleeting.

As I sit in re-discovery of this should-have-been-classic song, I am sipping one of my own hand-crafted tea blends. A medium bodied earl grey and lavender blend that transports me to my initial days of ambition, dreams and drive. I don’t want to lose that. I don’t want to become that Skyline Pigeon, but if I ever do, I know that I will spread my wings and fly again.



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6 responses to “A Skyline Pigeon Moment

  1. A. H.

    I envy you….. it’s well-meant….

  2. I saw Elton John in 1982. He was coming of a dry spell in his career and was so grateful that we came out to see him. He was an awesome entertainer and expressed his appreciation to his fans both verbally and by putting on a great show.

  3. Jennifer

    I’ve been a lifetime fan of Elton John and I’m sooo excited about seeing him & Billy Joel at their Face To Face tour in Seattle this February. Thanks for the trip down your memory lane! 

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