A Baby Lizard Moment

Edie had been dropped off to daycare, Gene had left for work, and I was getting ready to start my day of work from my home office. I walked into my bedroom to get something, when I noticed what I thought was a feather that had worked its way out of my pillow and onto my crisp, white sheets.  Walking purposefully over to the bed to scoop up said ‘feather’ and deposit it in the trash, I was halted in my tracks when the feather looked up at me!

This was no feather! This was a baby lizard! In. My. Bed.

In my upstairs bed – where all windows are closed.

How did it get there? Was it alone? How long had it been there? Had I unknowingly shared a bed with a lizard? Had it crawled over me in the night? Was there a lurking Mama Lizard in my room with her brood slowly exploring their new home?  The possibilities were ovewhelming and disturbing.

After getting out of a pinball panic mode of walking quickly to the right to grab a receptacle, abruptly jerking to the left thinking of a better receptacle, jerking back to the right because I couldn’t remember where the 2nd receptacle was located, and so on, I finally managed to grab one of Edie’s stacking cups and a thank you card and encapsulated my unwelcome guest – who was promptly escorted outside.

No, this is not me holding the lizard. But I think this little guy may be a close relative.

No, this is not me holding the lizard. But I think this little guy may be a close relative.

What to drink to recover from such a discovery? It was a toss up between something very strong, or something more soothing. I went with a smooth Darjeeling  from California Tea and Coffee Brewery based in Temecula.  It hit the spot, though the question remained – where did this visitor come from???

The current theory is that my dog found a friend in the back yard that morning and decided to bring it in to play for awhile. His favorite place to hang out is on the foot of my bed, so he probably released his little buddy right there.

Obviously, we’re going to have to make the house rules clear: No more lizards jumping on the bed!



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4 responses to “A Baby Lizard Moment

  1. We have this discussion with our cats – known as a “come to Jesus meeting” It goes along the lines of ” You are a house pet, you do not have pets in the house” It works! But only if I catch them at the door and pry open their jaws. Good luck from the sad owner of too many mangled mice.

  2. How cute! Though you may not think so. Lizards are a lot of fun as pets though I’m not sure if a wild one would be the same to have in the house. –Teaternity

  3. Jen

    I will stick to my belief that both lizards and I would be happiest if they stayed out-of-doors. 🙂

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