A “Le Palais Gourmet” Tea Moment

The greater tea community is a wonderful place, filled with kind, generous, passionate folks who have quite a sense of humor too.Yesterday, as Edie and I had some errands to run in West Hollywood, we made a stop at one of these tea community epicenters: Le Palais Gourmet in Beverly Hills. For those who may feel a bit intimidated at entering such a place at such an address, let me assure you: this was no ‘Pretty Woman’ moment. The moment I stepped inside with Edie in my arms, we were greeted warmly by both staff members.

I explained what I was looking for – a strong black tea or tea blend to help kick off my mornings. I love English and Irish Breakfast teas and Pu erh but was looking for something new. The gentleman immediately took two beautiful, giant tins off the shelves and had me see and smell both. The first was Maharajah: One of the best Assams characterized by many golden buds, large leaves, beautiful golden liquor and sublime flavor.  The second, Notting Hill: A classic English breakfast tea blended with Indian Assam and Chinese Yunnan black teas. Edie sniffed both tins too and gave me a look of, “What’s all the fuss?”

But do you have any cherries?

I don't get it, Mom.

 We left with a 1/4 lb. of Maharajah and a generous sample of Notting Hill. I couldn’t wait to kick off the following day with a new morning companion!

Beverly Hills Booty

Beverly Hills Booty

A new day, a new cuppa, and even a proper tea cup! And my favorite thing – the first sip…

Let me just say that I am so glad I took the recommendation of trying Maharajah! (The funny thing is that when I got back home from Hollywood, the owner of LPG had tweeted his recommendation of Maharajah too! Great minds think alike!)

Pure velvety smoothness with hints of caramel! The full-bodied brew hit every point on my palate with a brightness that was the perfect wake up call to open my eyes and jump start my day! The name itself evokes royalty, and that’s exactly what I felt like as I sipped the dark liquid amber in my new home office overlooking the Saddleback Mountains on a clear, blue, southern California morning.

I will happily be the princess to this Prince of Teas!

I will happily be the princess to this Prince of Teas!

This “Maharani” is very much looking forward to the next visit to her new favorite Palace in the City of Angels in the very near future!



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2 responses to “A “Le Palais Gourmet” Tea Moment

  1. Since Pu-erh is my new favorite tea, these selections sound good to me too. I’d like the Notting Hill especially since it’s a blend of Indian Assam and Chinese Yunnan. Both those are made with the Assamica variety of tea plant leaves, and that’s what Pu-erh is made of. I’m looking forward to trying a Yunnan Pu-erh which is a combination of black tea and Pu-erh. –Spirituality of Tea

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