A Boise Tea Moment

While in Boise at the beginning of this month, Edie and I were invited to R’s house for an impromptu tea. As with anything R does, the table setting, food and beverage selection was impeccable.

Sweets, savories, fresh fruit and Edie

Sweets, savories, fresh fruit and Edie

I could have died and gone to heaven while eating the pear and Brie finger sandwiches. Edie was thrilled with the cherries. More than thrilled!  The conversation ranged from MH’s recent return from a Parisian student exchange, J’s basketball camp, the fact that both MS and Grandma P were planning weddings for their children that fall, and “can etiquette sources on the internet REALLY be trusted over Emily Post?”  And I drank it all in (along with my strong English Breakfast tea). These are the moments I most enjoy. Yes there may be beautiful china, delectable morsels, rich cuppas, and all the proper accessories… but the real magic of any tea moment is the company with whom you share it. And this was a good one. Here was Edie, sitting on my lap, watching and listening to her Grandma, Aunts and Cousins – something we don’t get to do every day – and while she may be too little to remember, it’s still a tea moment that lives on here, and especially, in my heart.

More cherries please, mom

More cherries please

I see more cherries over there, mom

I see more cherries over there, mom



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4 responses to “A Boise Tea Moment

  1. How wonderful! We did a formal tea party for my daughter’s last birthday at a local tea room last year. I think it was my favorite with all her friends in their best clothes being served tea and little tea sandwiches! And I agree, the company is the most important ingredient.

  2. More cherries. What a great mother/daughter moment. I’d love to try a finger sandwich with pear and brie. Were both of those together on the same sandwich? Sounds lovely. And yes, good company makes it all the more enjoyable. –Spirituality of Tea

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