A Construction Tea Moment

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to have a ‘moment’ but you need to understand everything in my household is in disarray. We started the exciting project of remodeling our 2nd floor to create an additional bedroom and a home office for me! While the excitement and anticipation ran high, the reality of the project is more discombobulating that I could have ever imagined. I had to disconnect and pack away my regular computer work space, cram all my bookcases and files into a tight corner to which I have little-to-no-access, and then I had to take on the daunting task of finding an alternative workspace so I could actually do my jobby job.

I have heard of these mythical places called office condos, which one could rent by the day or week and have an office away from the office or something like that. I looked high and low for such places, and could not find a one. My old pal, Julie, at SP, saved my hide and worked out an arrangement with me so I could use some vacant office space that is being prepared for a future tenant. I have a phone, an internet connection, AND a little cafe across the street that brews and serves loose leaf tea… but I’ll leave that for another moment…

We began construction the first week of June, and today the drywall is being hung. With Gene’s new job, Edie’s new daycare situation, my running back and forth between home and office annex, and then being basically homeless on Mondays with a 1-year-old (when I don’t have work or childcare, and don’t want to spend the day in a hard hat zone), it’s been a challenge to have any moments at all, let alone a tea moment.

So today I took a moment to breathe, brewed myself a little White Tiger (thanks again Davids Tea), and stood in my soon-to-be new office to admire the progress that has been made.  Edward is till nervous about venturing in the new space, but I like it very much.

Yes, that is the Rooster Mug. Old habits die hard, and I wasn't about to bring fine porcelain into SUCH an environment!

Yes, that is the Rooster Mug. Old habits die hard, and I wasn't about to bring fine porcelain into SUCH an environment!

I look forward to many more moments in this particular space when it is clean, carpeted and furnished. We’re close. We’re so very close!


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