A Barcelona Tea Moment

I love nothing better than a cafe in any European city. On our last trip to Europe, to attend our friends’ wedding in Vitre, France, Gene and I took a detour through Barcelona. We have managed to find our stride in travelling. It is light on sight-seeing and heavy on cafe-enjoying. We will find a good spot with plenty of people-watching opportunity, and we’ll plant ourselves there for as long as we like. Barcelona in August turned out to be a bit rainy, surprisingly enough, but there was a plethora of bars and cafes to shelter us from the minor storms.

What I love about these cafes is the absolute freedom to choose a table and remain there for as long as you like. No one will disturb you or make you feel like you need to move along. It is at cafes such as these that Gene and I could sit – after a day of wandering the neighborhoods, admiring the architecture of Gaudi, getting lost in the Gothic quarter, and being snubbed by a small restaurant owner who did not like Americans – and review the adventures of the day over a glass of wine or pint of beer… or a cup of tea.

Cafe in Barcelona, Spain

Cafe in Barcelona, Spain


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